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Why Choose Speerville Flour Mill Products?

Encouraging local, organic farming and a nutritious food supply is crucial for developing a thriving local economy. From stone grinding our flour to helping farmers with production issues, Speerville Flour Mill offers both quality whole grain products and strong community support. Your purchases make this possible.
It’s all in the milling

Our Flour

Whole Wheat Flour is not necessarily whole wheat flour. So much depends on how the wheat is processed into flour.

Steel Roller Milling

Steel roller mills are a relatively modern invention used to produce white flour. During the process, 20-30% of the flour’s natural nutrients are removed, which means that it must be enriched by synthetic nutrients. Commercially processed flours can also contain up to 21 government approved food additives, including bleaching agents such as chlorine dioxide and benzoyl peroxide, maturing agents, anti-caking agents and other unnecessary additives. Commercial white flour is made almost entirely by extracting 72% of the nutritious wheat kernel and sifting out the bran, shorts, middling and wheat germ. Commercial whole wheat flour is simply steel ground white flour with part of the bran added back in. Unless specified, it also contains bleaching agents.

Stone Ground Milling

The traditional milling process and the only one used at Speerville Flour Mill, stone ground milling retains the full nutrition of the whole grain by utilizing the entire kernel. Whole grains are only minimally processed through hulling, rolling, cracking or stone grinding. The result is a high fiber (6g per serving), nutrient-packed and tasty flour. Simple process, simply delicious!

Product List Catalogue

Along with our signature stone ground whole wheat flour, Speerville Flour Mill also carries various other products that can be purchased at your local grocery store.

Organic Whole Wheat Flour

We often hear people say, “You can’t make bread using all whole wheat flour!” Well if it is Speerville Flour Mill flour, it is possible and probably the best tasting bread you’ll ever eat! In fact, this is a good flour to use as your all purpose flour for any baking.

Organic Stone Ground Whole White Flour

(Formerly known as Unbleached White Flour) This flour has a beautiful golden colour so it is a little darker than steel ground unbleached flours. Organic unbleached white flour contains 85% of the wheat kernel and still contains all of the wheat germ. This is a good flour to use if you’re making the transition from white flour to whole wheat or for a less heavy baked product. Good for all baking and cooking.

Acadia Heritage Wheat - Organic Whole Wheat Flour

A heritage wheat flour. Great for all types of baking. This was one of the prominent varieties of bread wheat grown in the Maritimes in the 1950s. Those with intolerances to wheat can use this flour without issues.

Red Fife Heritage Wheat - Organic Light Red Fife Wheat Flour

Organic Red Fife Heritage Flour is made from wheat which is the parent variety of all modern wheat grown in Canada today. Similar to Acadia Heritage Wheat Flour, those with intolerances to wheat find they can eat and enjoy Red Fife Flour. A perfect flour to use when making pizza dough as well as bread.

Organic Spelt Flour

Spelt is a heritage flour that can be enjoyed by those with a wheat intolerance. Use in any recipe where you would use regular stone ground whole wheat flour.  Organic Light Spelt is a good way to introduce any new bakers or hesitant whole grain eaters to the organic flavour of spelt.  

Organic Kamut Flour

This beautiful golden yellow flour which has a sweet nut-like flavour can be used in any recipe where you would use regular cake or pastry flour.  Known as the “Sweet Wheat”. An older variety of Durum Wheat that many wheat intolerant people can enjoy.

Organic Rye Flour

Rye flour is a popular choice for bread making and is often used in conjunction with wheat flour due to its low gluten content. Because if it’s moist, dense nature, it can also be used for traditional European cakes and pastries.

Organic Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat flour is traditionally used for buckwheat pancakes or Acadian ployes. Try substituting half of your regular flour for buckwheat flour in quick bread or cake recipes. Buckwheat flour is made from a Japanese variety of buckwheat. A traditional Canadian favourite.

Organic Rice Flour

 A good flour substitute for gluten intolerant people.  Rice flour works beautifully as the thickener for any cream sauces or soups.

Organic Cornmeal

Along with scrumptious corn bread and muffins, cornmeal also makes a great coating mix for fried fish and a hearty porridge when cooked in double its volume of water.

Organic Stone Ground All Purpose Heritage Wheat Flour

Since Heritage Wheat Flour is made from ancient grains, people with wheat intolerances can use this flour more so than modern day wheat varieties without digestive problems. Great flour for traditional artisan baking.

Organic Oats

A truly Maritime product, our hulless oats are flavourful and high in protein.

Organic New Found Oatmeal

Rolled oats, but different! Ezra, the son of our original owner, Stu, decided to try oat groats as a porridge after seeing them being cold-rolled into flakes. They then became his favourite breakfast, hence the name “New Found Oatmeal.” It’s also great for baking!

Organic Oat Groats

Oat groats, or hulless oat kernels, are full of protein. They’re great as a rice or quinoa substitute, for a stir-fry or to cook as a hot breakfast cereal. See our recipe for our famous Mediterranean Salad using our oat groats. Oats are truly a Maritime product.

Organic Scottish Oatmeal

Oat pieces traditionally used for Scottish oatcakes. Try our Scottish Oatmeal and get the same wonderful oat flavour with a different texture.



Organic Saint John Valley Cereal

A hearty mix of cracked wheat, cracked rye and whole flax seed. Use as a cooked breakfast cereal or in multigrain bread.

Organic 7-Grain Cereal

A coarse mixture of cracked wheat, cracked rye, corn meal, barley, millet, buckwheat flour and whole flax seed. It’s great as a breakfast cereal or rich, textured loaf of bread.

Organic 12-Grain Cereal

A favourite around here on a cold winter morning! Treat yourself to wholesome hard wheat, soft wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, millet, buckwheat, corn, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seed all in one bowl.

Pancake Mixes

Organic Maritime Sunshine Pancake Mix

A perfect alternative for those who can’t eat wheat, these pancakes are made from a special blend of corn flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, baking powder and sea salt.

Organic Whole Wheat Pancake Mix

Tasty, nutritious and one of our most requested pancake mixes!

Organic Buckwheat Pancake Mix

Always a favourite! This mix contains buckwheat flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder and sea salt.

Low-Gluten Products


Organic Corn Meal

Great for cornbread, corn mush and the Italian favourite polenta. Not to mention the exquisite taste.  

Organic Corn Flour

Add a unique corn flavour to pancakes, muffins and other baked goods.

Organic Buckwheat Flour

Made from Japanese buckwheat. A traditional Canadian favourite.

Organic Long Grain Brown Rice

A long, narrow brown rice that cooks up light and fluffy!

Organic Brown Basmati Rice

An aromatic, narrow grained rice used primarily in East Indian cooking. The grains stay firm and separate when cooked.

Organic White Basmati Rice

Prized for its aromatic quality, this unique rice will fill your house with the smell of popcorn.

Organic Brown Rice Flour

The perfect substitute for gluten intolerant people. It’s smooth, creamy texture works beautifully as a thickener for cream soups and sauces.

Organic Buckwheat Groats

Similar to our oat groats, Speerville Flour Mill’s Canadian-sourced buckwheat groats are nutritious, tender and high in protein. They can be steamed or toasted or roasted in oil and used as a rice replacement for salads or side dishes. Buckwheat groats are nutty in flavour, tender and plump.

Organic Popping Corn

Enjoy your favourite snack without worrying about GMO’s! You can make it in a hot air popper or the traditional way.

Organic Hulled Millet

Hulled millet is delicious eaten as breakfast porridge or as a substitute for rice.

Organic Quinoa

The grain with the “tail”! Quinoa is an ancient cereal grain native to South America. Cook as you would rice.

Fresh All Organic Cheese

Extra Old Cheddar

Old Cheddar

Mild Cheddar




Unpasteurized Honey Now in Stock!


Bees Honey

Honey Wax

And Much More!

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Thank you for your interest in Speerville Flour Mill and supporting the farmers of Atlantic Canada.

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